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Probate attorneys must often direct other heirs or family members in a  case to seek separate counsel due to an ethical conflict.   Therefore, having a network of referring attorneys is essential to a successful  probate practice.  Come and meet your next referral source. 



Have Fun!


Listen to judges and attorneys speak about practicing probate in North Texas. Over 20 Judges with probate jurisdiction from throughout North Texas have been invited to attend. 


Have Fun!

Have Fun!

Have Fun!

Because the probate bar is such a small group, there is a level of professional courtesy unmatched in other sections.  This courtesy can  provide a foundation of trust in even the most contested of cases.   Thus, getting to know your colleagues is an important, yet fun part of  getting results for your clients. 

Committee Members


Probate Section Committee Members of the Dallas, Collin and Denton County Bars

Heather Bell - Committee Co-Chair

Donna Yarborough - Committee Co-Chair

Lisbeth Bulmash

Angelica Farinacci

Shannon Guthrie

LaNasha Houze

James Snyder

Laura Starr

Brian Thomas

Jeff Wolff