8.5 hours of CLE with 1.25 hours of Ethics Credit. 

CLE will take place all day Thursday and 1/2 a day on Friday. 

Course # 174078982


Trusts and Estates – Business or Calling?

How to Dissect a Will Someone Else Drafted

Trustees and the Duty of Disclosure

Wrongful Death and Survival Claims

The (Un)Contested Guardianship

Trust Distributions Under the HEMS Standards

Evidence Rules Every Probate Attorney Should Know

Planning for Successful Mediation

Social Security Rules the Estate Planning, Guardianship, and Probate Attorney Should Know

Payback Time: Claims of Surviving Spouses for Fraud on the Community

Statutory Accountings of Estates and Trusts

Grandparents as Primary Caregivers: Considerations and Consequences

Building an Effective Attorney-Guardian Relationship

New Twists in the Winding Road of TCPA and Rule 91A Motions to Dismiss

Special Needs Trusts and Planning for Children with Disabilities

Seven Different Types of Trusts used in Public Benefits Planning

The Incapacitated and Impaired Beneficiary: Management Strategies for the Executor and Trustee

Common Law Marriage Claims During A Texas Probate